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Welcome at pokermac, where you can play poker for free.
The rules are easy, click "deal" (the orange button) to start playing.
click "HOLD" for each card you want to remember and than click "Deal" again.

Video Poker Rules

Playing Video Poker is easy the only thing you can do is click the "DEAL" and "HOLD" buttons. To start the game click "DEAL" than you get 5 cards. click the ones you want to keep and click "DEAL" again. If you have a combination that is worth points your combination is colored yellow like in the image in this section. Than you can click "DEAL" again to start the next round.

If you click deal and have 3 jacks for example you need the click "HOLD" under the cards you want to keep before you click "DEAL" again otherwise it gives you 5 new cards. It does not know if the cards are great. Even with a royal flush you need to click all cards otherwise it deals 5 new cards.


These are the scores you can win per round.
The maximum score you can get is 250 when getting a royal flush.

Royal Flush 250
Straight Flush 50
Four of a Kind 25
Full House 9
Flush 6
Straight 4
Three of a Kind 3
Two Pair 2
Jacks or Better 1


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